5 Employee Induction Best Practices from HR Experts

05 Mar

5 Employee Induction Best Practices from HR Experts

A lot of businesses overlook the importance of preparation when they’re about to welcome a new employee. An effective on-boarding process is vital to ensuring new employees receive the support and training needed to set them up for success in their new role. It should also increase job satisfaction and employee retention.

I was recently approached by American based company, HR Partner, to feature in their Induction and on-boarding blog as one of 5 HR Experts. To find out more about what I had to say (along with the other experts) click here!

If you don’t currently have an on-boarding process or want some assistance on improving this, we can help!

Alisha Ross , HR Advisor

Alisha brings experience and knowledge obtained from working in HR environments in both Australia and New Zealand. She enjoys working with clients to implement and refine HR frameworks that contribute to achieving the business objectives. She has a passion for assisting clients to create amazing workplace cultures for their employees.

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