About Us

About Us

Relevant HR for the modern world

Kicking your ‘BHAG’ HR goals and getting your business to the next level faster, is what gets the wattsnext team out of bed every day. Whether you are on a steep growth trajectory or committed to thinking about the long-term, we can help make your business vision a reality.

Our Story

The old systems and processes are put through their paces when you partner with wattsnext. For the past decade, wattsnext has become known for turning traditional HR on its head so that it’s agile, relevant and meaningful to your business today and gets you ready for the future.

Our Team

Every wattsnext team member is here for their results-driven, creative approach and always ensuring straight-up communication with our clients.

Our Clients

wattsnext works as part of our client’s team, acting as a bold, disrupting force to meet the 21st century’s unprecedented changes to workforces, technology and cultivating successful relationships in a global marketplace.

Our Careers

People are everything in business, and no more so than at wattsnext.  Our staff are committed to our culture and best practices, while remaining a workplace that is diverse, challenging and inclusive.

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