Do you like to get things done?

As game changers and innovators, wattsnext is, simply put, an awesome workplace, if we do say so ourselves!

We embrace to become a valued part of our nimble, dynamic team from the moment you land in our space. We believe in mentoring you to understand not just the HR business, but the secrets to running an award-winning business. Making you a commercially minded asset to any client.

Flexibility and agility are the key ingredients to running a smart business in the 24/7 world which we all inhabit.

Commitment to digitisation skills, mastering new media and undergoing personal and professional development is all part of the job here.  You will learn more in a year at wattsnext than any other workplace, we guarantee you that!

If this sounds tempting, drop us a line about who you are and what you want — and we will get back to you before you can say “best employer ever”.

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