Author: Dominic Powell

17 Feb

Richard Branson on the most important skill any entrepreneur can have

Virgin Airlines founder and influential entrepreneur Richard Branson believes there are certain skills and abilities that put successful entrepreneurs ahead of the pack. Establishing yourself as a successful entrepreneur can be a hard journey, one that Branson himself knows well. The entrepreneur is well versed in failure and recently revealed in an NPR podcast the moment that

17 Jan

How to prepare your business for “sickies” this Australia Day

“Chucking a sickie” might be accepted Australian slang, but with Australia Day fast approaching experts warn business owners to prepare now, before sickies are unexpectedly chucked at them. Australia Day falls on a Thursday this year, and many workers may be tempted take the Friday off to nurse their heads and lock in a four-day weekend. Click

21 Oct

Psychopaths welcome but no “whingers” need apply: The traits these two employers are looking for in new employees

Have you got an employee who whinges too much? Or would you rather one who displays psychopathic traits? With job advertisements an opportunity to showcase exactly what your business is about, two employers in New Zealand and the UK have sparked attention for their humorous and perhaps concerning job ads. Click below to see the

13 Oct

How Gloria Jean’s is rallying behind an employee who received racist comments at work

National coffee chain Gloria Jean’s will reportedly be advocating anti-racism message in stores across the country following a customer interaction in its Cairns store that went viral. Mashable reports African worker Josie Ajak was working in the Cairns store last Saturday when a customer refused to be served by her due to her being dark-skinned. A friend of

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