Author: Gemma Jamieson

14 Nov

Inadequate Sleep

“New research suggests that sleep is vital in allowing each cell, in every organ of the body, to continue to function. No wonder sleep deprivation is such a highly effective form of torture” – The Sleep Health Foundation I was recently involved in a conversation about people’s sleeping patterns with a number of my colleagues.

04 Oct

HR should lead the way with social media

It is no secret that we at wattsnext are keen social media enthusiasts. I have managed to grow my twitter following to over 25 000 in just under a year! By involving the whole team in our social media strategy, wattsnext has been able to cultivate a digital footprint of over 200 000 connections. Our

21 Jul

How to make the most of your time

Five minutes ago, I was in high school and I was worrying about whether or not I will be accepted into my university degree. Now, I have almost graduated university and my journey in the workforce has begun. As I think back on all of my time that has past, I wonder if there is

19 Jul

Workplace bullying – don’t be a silent witness

A study completed by Andrea Adams titled ‘Bullying at work: How to confront and overcome it’suggests that being bullied in the workplace is more stressful than all other workplace stressors and job demands combined. Her research shows that workplace bullying is life consuming and can affect victims long into their futures. A recent study on

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