Author: Helen Tame

28 Aug

Handshakes or hugs?

We all know that a handshake in a professional setting is not only an expectation but it demonstrates that you are polite, confident and approachable. But what happens when the handshake turns into a hug? I recently delved into this topic with one of my favourite clients when we were discussing business etiquette and we

18 Jul

Can you tell someone that they smell?

Feedback – it is the greatest gift and the greatest nemesis in our business communications! If you have a team of people, feedback is a must to ensure the individuals ongoing development but also to support a healthy culture in the workplace, yet it is a skill many leaders, even very experienced leaders, do not

05 May

An open letter to the medical community…

Its 9.00pm on a Wednesday night and the darts competition at the local pub is in its final round.  There have been a number of beers shared as part of the battle and unbeknownst to me, one of my team is the winner of the local competition, again!  There are more beers and little sleep

28 Apr

Begin with an end in mind

I was faced with a scenario this week where I was scheduled to meet with a client for the first time. We had only communicated via email up to our meeting and I was concerned that it could be quite a combative experience because of her rather gruff and direct approach via email. I could

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