Author: Kateena Mills

08 May

I don’t want to be an entrepreneur

Not so long ago I was returning to Australia from living and working in London and feeling like this would be the perfect time to try something new, different and potentially risky. I had no real assets but also no debt, no job, no lease and all of my belongings were already boxed up. 5

28 Apr

Pets at work policy

With announcements by UK company BrewDog that they are introducing Pawternity Leave, which allows their employees to take a paid week of leave to look after a new dog, it is easy to see that our pets are becoming an integral of not just our lives but our workplaces too! Many companies across the US

28 Mar

You don’t have to be a soldier to serve

Firstly, I have an admission – I am a very late adopter to the whole podcast/audiobook bandwagon. However, recently (like 3 days ago) I finally got with the program and am now loving having access to so much amazing content straight from my phone to my brain! So, tonight, while I was clocking up my

24 Nov

Don’t tell me HR is Boring

Today I Googled ‘most boring job’, and guess what wasn’t on the list? – anything related to ‘Human Resources’, ‘People and Culture’ or ‘Talent’. Some jobs that did make the list, though, were: taking the temperature of frozen peas; throwing dirt onto packaged organic potatoes (to make them more organic looking?!); and stapling hundreds of

01 Apr

On a scale of 1-5, how ugly is my baby?

Would you expect an acquaintance, or even friend, to respond with complete honesty if you asked them whether your beloved child was smart/attractive/well-behaved? I can’t imagine I would be that confident. At the very least it could be an awkward interaction for all involved. Why would it be any different to assume your employees are

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