Author: Kateena Mills

05 Nov

Blind leading the blind!

After reading this blog, try reading Will you be the next big payroll scandal? Check out all our blogs here. Working in HR I am constantly reminded of how lucky we are to live and work in a country where the legislative rights of employees are so high. However, these strong employee rights can (and

10 Jul

Everyday business can change the world!

The B1G1 Impact I have previously written about the importance of business owners/leaders knowing the purpose of their organisation, ensuring they can articulate this, and embed it into everything they do. Increasingly employees are looking to work for organisations whose purpose or mission, and values align to their own and provide a vehicle for them

implicit biases 15 May

Yuck! Girl’s Germs!

This morning, reoccurring confusion around toothbrushes got me thinking about implicit biases. You know, those automatic thought processes that aid in the efficiency and speed with which you can process information? They can sometimes leave a little to be desired on the accuracy front. For example, with the toothbrushes! My boyfriend confessed that he, once

13 Feb

Company blog ticks all the boxes

As I sat working on an upcoming presentation for a client about blog writing I reflected on the benefits of having a company blog and expecting employees to contribute. At wattsnext it is a part of each and every employee’s role to prepare blog content for our social media platforms on a regular basis. For

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