Author: Matthew Stent

05 Mar

How can the Employee Experience be used to get better organizational results for SME businesses in Australia?

Survey Time! Take our survey The experience Within leadership and human resources areas there has been a growing trend to reverse engineer the previously defined areas of customer experience (CX) used widely by predominantly service industries, and user experience (UX) from the information technology worlds and applying these towards the employee lifecycle. Employee Experience (EX)

17 Jul

Women to receive an extra 2% in superannuation

Is this Good or Bad for the Gender balance? Unions will likely campaign for women to receive an extra two per cent in superannuation contributions, and for the retirement age to return to 65, at this week’s ACTU Congressin Brisbane, Australia. It doesn’t take the greatest economists to tell us that wage disparity between the sexes

18 Jun

Emotional empathy can drive SME performance

Employees to show more empathy to SME business owners. At wattsnext we are in the privileged position to work closely with many business owners who are so emotionally engaged with their business that they “hurt” when things are not going right. When I say hurt, this is deep emotional, psychological responses and to some extents

23 Jan

The art of survival – is it strategy or tactics?

You’ve walked in to the office for the first work day of 2018 full of gusto and inspiration from the clarity and perspective you gained over the holiday period. New goals, new ambition, new strategy. This new attitude will give the team the direction they are all needing to be engaged for another year right?

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