Author: Stacey Vale

06 Aug

What do we want? A triage for unfair dismissal claims…PLEASE!

For SME’s, the process of fighting a baseless unfair dismissal claim can be devastating to the business and the business owner.  The time spent preparing a case, the stress involved in fighting it and the financial cost resulting from both of these often leave business owners with no other choice than to pay ‘go away’

15 May

It takes a village…and a lot less guilt

You’re a parent, you feel guilty taking personal leave to look after your sick children, don’t you? You see the looks your co-workers give you and you know they’re going to talk about you after you leave because the day care centre has called. Again. Why do we still feel like we are letting our

27 Apr

The Queen has done her succession planning…so should you!

Recently, the Queen publicly announced her greatest wish was for her son, Prince Charles to take her place on the throne as Head of the Commonwealth.  This in a basic sense is succession planning.  Before the need to take over, she has identified the next leader ensuring a smooth transition, planned and without fuss or

27 Feb

“But I’m just a casual”

How many times have I heard the phrases, “I’m just a casual employee, therefore regular rules of behaviour, work standards, and reliability don’t apply to me because I’m pretty much unemployed from the end of each shift.” “I don’t have to give two weeks’ notice. I’m leaving”. “I don’t have to care because I’m not

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