Author: Sue-Ellen Watts

03 Sep

The most important training for your staff right now!

It could be my lucky day! I just learned a lot of very juicy information about a company that as an external person I should definitely NOT know. I won’t name names on this blog because that would be unprofessional, so let’s just call the company “X”! What do I know about X? I know that the boss

30 Jul

You can’t see what you can’t see

A typical day for most SME business owners and CEO’s is in the trenches. We are managing and training people, winning customers, putting out fires, watching the dollars, having meetings, recruiting, networking and having more meetings. We’re busy busy doing what we think is right to get the results we need. And we understand the

09 Jan

Sometimes it’s time to stop with the mentors.

We have talked a lot about mentoring this year.  How to find the right mentor, how to be the best mentee.  Mentoring has played a significant role in my career since I started in HR nearly 20 years ago which is why I write about it a lot.  I am a big supporter of both

18 Dec

The best incentive program that fits all businesses

At wattsnext we are regularly asked about the best bonus or incentive program to implement within a business. Nine out of ten questions are focused around the best way calculate the bonus or commission. Often no matter how much effort is put in to the best possible calculation, it is still complicated and riddled with a number of

11 Dec

This is the number one way to engage your staff

The most common question I am asked as chief executive and founder of HR consulting firm wattsnext is ‘how do I increase performance in my business?’. Most business owners I speak to think their staff are great but believe they could be better. Usually the first place HR professionals and business owners look to solve this

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