Author: Sue-Ellen Watts

09 Mar

Employee ink: Is it time to update the company dress policy?

Recently returning from New York I unintentionally started a workplace discussion that has got us thinking about employee dress policies! The conversation was, “What do you do if one of your team come back from their holidays flaunting a rather obvious tattoo?” Well that team member was me, the founder and chief executive, and while

14 Feb

Five tips for managing an office romance

Love is in the air, or it was on Tuesday February 14, which is not only Valentine’s Day but also a day for going to work, where many love stories blossom! We spend so much time at work these days, it’s not surprising that our workplaces have also become our dating grounds! But what are

31 Jan

Are you fighting the wrong battles with your staff?

I recently met with the senior management team (SMT) of a medium size national Australian business. We discussed many HR related topics with a theme of “how can they do it differently”. It was a light-hearted but productive discussion with great ideas flowing for how they could improve their overall performance and engagement. Until it

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