Author: Sue-Ellen Watts

26 Sep

Join me on a one-way trip

When someone tells you they are going to Mars on a one way trip, it takes a moment for your mind to compute. Mars! Wow! Hang on a minute, did you say one way? I can only imagine the questions that Dianne McGrath gets being a Mars One astronaut candidate. Please take a moment to look

13 Sep

It’s time to ditch the drama at work

According to drama researcher and international keynote speaker Cy Wakeman, we spend on average of 2.5 hours per day complaining, creating stories and arguing with reality! Now I am sure your immediate response to this statistic is, “not me!” That was certainly the response when I recently shared this with a group of future and

12 Sep

It’s time your business stopped replacing people

One of the first things that usually happens when someone resigns is to immediately start looking for their replacement. If all is well, we ask the departing person to help with the recruitment and then conduct the handover. Hoping that the change is as smooth as possible with minimal impact on the business. However, this is not

29 Aug

The raw learnings from 10 years in business

Many of my peers have recently commented that they have not celebrated important milestones in their business.  Whether it be first anniversary, ten years, acquisition or sale.  The reasons vary from not making the time, to not seeing the importance at the time.  There was certainly a theme to the reactions I got from every

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