13 Aug

Will you be the next big payroll scandal?

Cosmetic company Lush has apologised for underpaying its staff $2million over an 8-year period. The company recently announced that it had reported itself to the Fair Work Ombudsmen after identifying that it had underpaid more than 5000 staff following the discovery of a “significant payroll error”. It has been identified that in some cases, some

06 Aug

What do we want? A triage for unfair dismissal claims…PLEASE!

For SME’s, the process of fighting a baseless unfair dismissal claim can be devastating to the business and the business owner.  The time spent preparing a case, the stress involved in fighting it and the financial cost resulting from both of these often leave business owners with no other choice than to pay ‘go away’

30 Jul

You can’t see what you can’t see

A typical day for most SME business owners and CEO’s is in the trenches. We are managing and training people, winning customers, putting out fires, watching the dollars, having meetings, recruiting, networking and having more meetings. We are busy busy doing what we think is right to get the results we need. We understand the

27 Jul

The importance of Security & Cyber Insurance

It is no longer a question of IF your business will suffer a cyber-attack or data breach, but rather a question of WHEN. Cybercrime occurs daily in Australia, disabling businesses, compromising their systems and holding critical data to ransom. Cybercrime is disguised in many different forms, some of the more serious being ransomware through phishing

24 Jul

My first 2 months at wattsnext!

Before I joined wattsnext I worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years. I left school when I was 16 (couldn’t stand it) I believed I could learn more if I was out in the real world in a job learning new things that I wanted to learn…. definitely not algebra ha ha In mid

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  • 09 May 18

    Headaches and tax breaks: How the new Federal Budget impacts small business!

    Treasurer Scott Morrison has delivered the 2018 Federal Budget, in his speech he made a point of stating that the Turnball Government is "backing businesses to invest and create more jobs, especially small and medium-sized businesses". So, what do sm...
  • 27 Apr 18

    The Queen has done her succession planning…so should you!

    Recently, the Queen publicly announced her greatest wish was for her son, Prince Charles to take her place on the throne as Head of the Commonwealth.  This in a basic sense is succession planning.  Before the need to take over, she has identified t...
  • 11 Apr 18

    How many employees do you have on your payroll? This is something you need to be aware of!!

    It is now more important than ever to know how many employees you have on your payroll. The ATO has introduced a mandatory reporting system (Single Touch Payroll), which came into effect on 1 April 2018. The reporting system requires organisations...
  • 26 Mar 18
  • 21 Mar 18

    Happy Harmony Day!

    Let's all celebrate the beauty of diversity together. Here are some facts about multiculturalism in Australia!   ...
  • 05 Mar 18

    Top Reasons To Outsource Your HR!

    There’s no denying that HR has vastly grown in recent years. Once upon a time, HR was known as record keepers, the “fun police” when it came to company regulations, and/or compliance or wage/payroll officers. But today’s businesses acknowl...
  • 05 Mar 18

    The Do's and Don't's of Office Romances and Love Contracts Explained

    For decades we have been fed a steady diet of happily-ever-after office romances through our favourite television shows and blockbuster films, but in reality getting involved with a colleague does not always end well. Successful...
  • 05 Mar 18

    5 Employee Induction Best Practices from HR Experts

    A lot of businesses overlook the importance of preparation when they’re about to welcome a new employee. An effective on-boarding process is vital to ensuring new employees receive the support and training needed to set them up for success in ...
  • 27 Feb 18

    "But I'm just a casual"

    How many times have I heard the phrases, “I’m just a casual employee, therefore regular rules of behaviour, work standards, and reliability don’t apply to me because I’m pretty much unemployed from the end of each shift.” “I don’t have ...
  • 23 Feb 18

    Industrial Manslaughter

    On the 23rd of October 2017, the Queensland Parliament passed the Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2017. This Act was introduced following a report commissioned in response to the workplace fatalities that occurre...
  • 20 Feb 18

    Should all businesses be implementing a #bonkban?

    It’s hard to escape it – the Barnaby saga that is. So as you listen to Turnbull’s delivery of the #bonkban, address, I’m sure you’re wondering if you should be rushing to do the same in your organisation. Whilst there is a much higher...
  • 13 Feb 18

    Company blog ticks all the boxes

    As I sat working on an upcoming presentation for a client about blog writing I reflected on the benefits of having a company blog and expecting employees to contribute. At wattsnext it is a part of each and every employee’s role...
  • 13 Feb 18

    Wages vs salary - changing an employee's mindset

    Do you have an employee who was previously paid an hourly rate but is now paid a salary? Are they struggling to understand the difference? Are they having difficulty understanding why they aren’t being paid for all the hours they work? I assure you...
  • 06 Feb 18

    How will the changes to HELP student loans affect your team members?

    One of the biggest responsibilities of being a business owner is looking after your employees. Whilst it may come as second nature to stay on top of major changes that effect the business directly, it is important to also be aware of changes that may...
  • 23 Jan 18

    Give yourself a break!

    As we settle in to the new year, most of us have been asking and answering the “how was your break?” question continually for the past couple of weeks. For some, the response is positive: “fantastic, I feel totally refreshed!”. However, in co...
  • 23 Jan 18

    The art of survival - is it strategy or tactics?

    You’ve walked in to the office for the first work day of 2018 full of gusto and inspiration from the clarity and perspective you gained over the holiday period. New goals, new ambition, new strategy. This new attitude will give the team the directi...
  • 09 Jan 18

    Sometimes it’s time to stop with the mentors.

    We have talked a lot about mentoring this year.  How to find the right mentor, ...
  • 20 Dec 17

    Merry Christmas from the wattsnext team!

    On behalf of the wattsnext team we would love to wish our friends, supporters and clients a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and prosperous New Year! We look forward to speaking with you all in 2018! Here's a special Christmas v...
  • 18 Dec 17

    The best incentive program that fits all businesses

    At wattsnext we are regularly asked about the best bonus or incentive program to implement within a business. Nine out of ten questions are focused around the best way calculate the ...
  • 11 Dec 17

    This is the number one way to engage your staff

    The most common question I am asked as chief executive and founder of HR consulting firm wattsnext is ‘how do I increase performance in my business?’. Most business owners I speak to think their staff are great but believe they ...