07 Jan

Quit the generational BS!

This blog may not be well received. Many people may disagree, some may think I’m entirely missing the point, but I’m sick of hearing about millennials, baby boomers and any other generational label people are sticking on me, my colleagues and my friends. ​If I was the sort of person who loved wearing labels you would

09 Dec

Is HR the fun police?

Anyone who has worked in a corporate or office setting has likely heard something along these lines at one point or another. So, why does there seem to be such an overwhelmingly negative perception of HR and everything it does? Since HR is often so involved in disciplinary actions and terminations, there is a common

24 Nov

Don’t tell me HR is Boring

Today I Googled ‘most boring job’, and guess what wasn’t on the list? – anything related to ‘Human Resources’, ‘People and Culture’ or ‘Talent’. Some jobs that did make the list, though, were: taking the temperature of frozen peas; throwing dirt onto packaged organic potatoes (to make them more organic looking?!); and stapling hundreds of

21 Nov

How to Deal with Toxic Workplaces : Employee Self tips on Mental Toughness

Workplace stress can be severe due to workplace changes, mergers and acquisitions, organizational changes, a missed promotion, an unforeseen demotion, bullying, conflicts with colleagues or broken employee-employer relationships. At one point in our working lives or career we all experience this, but it is our response to these situations and having a positive healthy mindset

Archive Posts

  • 02 Nov 16

    It’s just not Cricket! Improve your batting averages or you’ll get bowled.

    A recent business trip near the Melbourne Cricket Ground got me thinking. The MCG is a place where we have seen some of Australia’s greatest sporting performances, as well as form slumps that have seen previous top players dropped from their teams....
  • 21 Oct 16

    Psychopaths welcome but no “whingers” need apply: The traits these two employers are looking for in new employees

    Have you got an employee who whinges too much? Or would you rather one who displays psychopathic traits? With job advertisements an opportunity to showcase exactly what your business is about, two employers in New Zealand and the UK have sparked a...
  • 18 Oct 16

    Culture is King in Silicon Valley

    We recently returned from an innovation tour of the famous Silicon Valley last week and mind blowing does not do it justice. The Bay Area covering San Francisco and its surrounds is arguably the innovation heart of the world. It did not let us down, ...
  • 13 Oct 16

    How Gloria Jean’s is rallying behind an employee who received racist comments at work

    National coffee chain Gloria Jean’s will reportedly be advocating anti-racism message in stores across the country following a customer interaction in its Cairns store that went viral. ...
  • 30 Sep 16

    Virgin Airlines “turns off” email to get staff away from screens – how to digital detox at work

    Some Virgin Airlines offices in America and the UK are implementing a radical new policy to encourage a “digital detox” for staff. From 10:00am to noon on Wednesdays, 200 workers across the offices are left without email access as the ...
  • 20 Sep 16

    The importance of off-boarding

    At wattsnext we work with many clients who have found great value in the on-boarding process. The experiences of their staff in their first 90 days with their business has improved exponentially since bringing in these proce...
  • 20 Sep 16

    ​Be a better leader - quit being too nice

    I recently met a leadership coach who described being “too nice” as a terrible disease in business that we have an obligation to cure. Now while I personally think the analogy is a bit extreme, I do agree with the sentiment in the importance of b...
  • 14 Sep 16

    Get the most out of your new employees

    We have all been through the process of hiring a new employee. Sorting through resumes, conductin...
  • 30 Aug 16

    My "I" style

    As I sit waiting for a meeting with one of my new clients I have a quiet moment to reflect the first month of #projectFOW, the journey that the team from wattsnext are embarking on over the next 12 months to see if the Futur...
  • 30 Aug 16

    I just wrote my learning and development policy and it cost me over $10,000!

    We have all heard of the plumber with the leaky taps and I’ve even had a not-so-fit gym instructor. I never considered myself as one of those clichés – but I am! Well on a small scale at least. As someone who is always happy to share my mistakes...
  • 26 Aug 16

    Commuting to work can increase stress levels and make people eat more: Report

    Commuting to work could be affecting your diet and increasing your stress levels, with a study undertaken by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK showing employees who commute consume an average of 767 more calories every week. The report...
  • 16 Aug 16

    Five tips for new managers to fast track their management journey

    “I didn’t sign up for this, people are driving me crazy.” Many line or middle managers I meet never intended to manage people – most admit they were very good technically and got promoted. Being responsible for other people’s performance...
  • 11 Aug 16

    Move it!

    Did you know that on average, remote workers are MORE likely to be sedentary than others that work in an office environment? It might sound surprising but once you take out travel, public transport, off-site meetings, coffee runs etc, you’re left ...
  • 09 Aug 16

    Lessons learnt in HR while volunteering to feed the homeless

    I recently volunteered with an organisation to help prepare, cook and feed a local homeless community within the vicinity of our Sydney office. Now I’m no martyr and don’t expect any praise, after all, three hours out of my week is nothing com...
  • 03 Aug 16

    Keeping connected

    As the wattsnext team transition from having a central Brisbane office into a co-sharing workspace, it is important to reflect on how this may shape our interactions. At this stage it is more important than ever to ensure...
  • 03 Aug 16

    #ProjectFOW - a journey begins....

    #ProjectFOW – a journey that the team from wattsnext are embarking on over the next 12 months to see if the Future of Work is indeed what we think it is going to be – ‘third space’ workplaces, working within your ene...
  • 02 Aug 16

    The impact of overwork

    The Impact of Overwork You should never take being overworked for granted. Head and backache, constant tiredness, the inability to focus for extended periods, feeling overwhelming, insomnia and emotional exhaustion are all key war...
  • 02 Aug 16

    Why do we blame the Millennials?

    In less than a decade the Millennials will comprise 75% of our workplaces globally’, according to generation experts Bridgeworks. Born between 1980 and 1995, we have a generation that rivals the dominant Baby Boomer generation in numbers. Over t...
  • 01 Aug 16

    The sky didn't fall in!

    Unless you’ve been living in a cave, by now you’ve probably heard about wattsnext‘s #projectFOW (Future of Work). If you do in fact live in a cave, get yourself a wi-fi router and turn it into a third ...
  • 29 Jul 16

    Leaving the nest

    As wattsnext embark on their newest chapter – projectFOW, moving from our little nest in Coorparoo to a co-sharing workspace in Brisbane’s CBD, there are mixed emotions being felt throughout the team. Some team members ...