28 Apr

Pets at work policy

With announcements by UK company BrewDog that they are introducing Pawternity Leave, which allows their employees to take a paid week of leave to look after a new dog, it is easy to see that our pets are becoming an integral of not just our lives but our workplaces too! Many companies across the US

28 Apr

Begin with an end in mind

I was faced with a scenario this week where I was scheduled to meet with a client for the first time. We had only communicated via email up to our meeting and I was concerned that it could be quite a combative experience because of her rather gruff and direct approach via email. I could

25 Apr

Australian 457 visa changes

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has announced that the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) will be abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa in March 2018. But how does this effect you as an employer? Below is everything you need to know about the announced changes. What was the 457 visa?

11 Apr

Domestic violence…why I’m running for my life

What do you do when a friend suggests that women that get stuck in domestic violence situations should know better?  That the issue was theirs because the warning signs were there, yet they chose to stay? This happened to me a couple of months back and as someone who has continually witnessed and has been

Archive Posts

  • 14 Feb 17

    Five tips for managing an office romance

    Love is in the air, or it was on Tuesday February 14, which is not only Valentine’s Day but also a day for going to work, where many love stories blossom! We spend so much time at work these days, it’s not surprising that our workplaces have also...
  • 07 Feb 17

    When your mentor falls off the pedestal you had them on

    Last year I wrote a blog sharing what I thought were the three key ...
  • 31 Jan 17

    Are you fighting the wrong battles with your staff?

    I recently met with the senior management team (SMT) of a medium size national Australian business. We discussed many HR related topics with a theme of “how can they do it differently”. It was a light-hearted but productive discussion with great ...
  • 24 Jan 17

    Is your company uniform doing you more harm than good?

    I recently read that over 50% of Australian businesses have a company uniform that employees must wear. The main reason for businesses implementing a company uniform is to boost professionalism. However, from what I recently saw on a plane from Sydne...
  • 17 Jan 17

    Five resolutions your HR advisor hopes you’ve made this year

    While we are all fresh and ready to be better leaders this year, I thought I would take the opportunity to get you motivated with five resolutions to create your highest performing team in 2017! 1. “I will not put my head in the sand” ...
  • 17 Jan 17

    How to prepare your business for “sickies” this Australia Day

    “Chucking a sickie” might be accepted Australian slang, but with Australia Day fast approaching experts warn business owners to prepare now, before sickies are unexpectedly chucked at them. Australia Day falls on a Thursday this year, and man...
  • 10 Jan 17

    Punk Rock and Evolution - We were all millennials (equivalents) once!

    So, to continue on the current topical point of millennials and their effect on the work place, I would like to propose that we were all millennials once. Retrospective evaluation would identify that each new generation has always been looked a su...
  • 07 Jan 17

    Quit the generational BS!

    This blog may not be well received. Many people may disagree, some may think I’m entirely missing the point, but I’m sick of hearing about millennials, baby boomers and any other generational label people are sticking on me, my colleagues and my...
  • 05 Jan 17

    4 tips towards creating a happy and rewarding professional life

    If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since launching my human resources career, it’s that no two paths are the same. Yet irrespective of field, experience or expertise, we do all share the capacity to make healthy choices and decisions towards a f...
  • 09 Dec 16

    Is HR the fun police?

    Anyone who has worked in a corporate or office setting has likely heard something along these lines at one point or another. So, why does there seem to be such an overwhelmingly negative perception of HR and everything it does? Since HR is often s...
  • 24 Nov 16

    Don't tell me HR is Boring

    Today I Googled ‘most boring job’, and guess what wasn’t on the list? - anything related to ‘Human Resources’, ‘People and Culture’ or ‘Talent’. Some jobs that did make the list, though, were: taking the temperature of frozen peas; ...
  • 21 Nov 16

    How to Deal with Toxic Workplaces : Employee Self tips on Mental Toughness

    Workplace stress can be severe due to workplace changes, mergers and acquisitions, organizational changes, a missed promotion, an unforeseen demotion, bullying, conflicts with colleagues or broken employee-employer relationships. At one point in o...
  • 14 Nov 16

    Workplace bullying and Harassment - Act Quick!

    When a team member comes to you with an issue with another team member, what to do next can sometimes be a daunting task! It can seem the best option is to put it on the “to do” list and deal with it once all the “important” issues are finish...
  • 10 Nov 16

    Bloom where you're planted

    For me, 2016 has been a year of momentous change. It got off to the worst of starts, my entire world flipped on its head. I had returned from living and working in the UK with a broken heart, an empty bank account and a very foggy plan for t...
  • 07 Nov 16

    8 minutes...

    When I think about time, what are some things that I could do in 8 minutes?  According to T-Nation, an MMA site I found on the internet, I could do 200 push ups in various ways or Amazon states that I could order an on-line book in this time.  I co...
  • 02 Nov 16

    It’s just not Cricket! Improve your batting averages or you’ll get bowled.

    A recent business trip near the Melbourne Cricket Ground got me thinking. The MCG is a place where we have seen some of Australia’s greatest sporting performances, as well as form slumps that have seen previous top players dropped from their teams....
  • 21 Oct 16

    Psychopaths welcome but no “whingers” need apply: The traits these two employers are looking for in new employees

    Have you got an employee who whinges too much? Or would you rather one who displays psychopathic traits? With job advertisements an opportunity to showcase exactly what your business is about, two employers in New Zealand and the UK have sparked a...
  • 18 Oct 16

    Culture is King in Silicon Valley

    We recently returned from an innovation tour of the famous Silicon Valley last week and mind blowing does not do it justice. The Bay Area covering San Francisco and its surrounds is arguably the innovation heart of the world. It did not let us down, ...
  • 13 Oct 16

    How Gloria Jean’s is rallying behind an employee who received racist comments at work

    National coffee chain Gloria Jean’s will reportedly be advocating anti-racism message in stores across the country following a customer interaction in its Cairns store that went viral. ...
  • 30 Sep 16

    Virgin Airlines “turns off” email to get staff away from screens – how to digital detox at work

    Some Virgin Airlines offices in America and the UK are implementing a radical new policy to encourage a “digital detox” for staff. From 10:00am to noon on Wednesdays, 200 workers across the offices are left without email access as the ...