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11 Dec

Should the recruitment process start with reference checks??

Should the recruitment process start with reference checks?? I asked myself this question after having experienced some frustrating recruitment scenarios in recent months!  The quandary is, what happens when you have gone through the timely process of reviewing, shortlisting and interviewing thinking you have the perfect candidate only to have the reference checks tell you

04 Dec

Trending in HR: Advice For Today’s Digital Workplace

Michael was recently interview by OfficeSpace and featured in their latest blog, below is a copy. To see the original please visit Michael Fox is an HR Advisor at wattsnext who does much more than that. In a very fickle modern workplace that’s plagued by attraction and retention issues, his goal to find employees

26 Nov

Digital footprint | What’s yours and why does it matter?

300,000+ digital footprint and growing. The wattsnext team collectively now has a digital footprint of 300,000+ across twitter and Linkedin alone. This doesn’t come easily, and the wattsnext team are continually working on further building this network. With so much effort going into developing this network, it goes without saying that we believe your digital

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