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13 Aug

Will you be the next big payroll scandal?

Cosmetic company Lush has apologised for underpaying its staff $2million over an 8-year period. The company recently announced that it had reported itself to the Fair Work Ombudsmen after identifying that it had underpaid more than 5000 staff following the discovery of a “significant payroll error”. It has been identified that in some cases, some

06 Aug

What do we want? A triage for unfair dismissal claims…PLEASE!

For SME’s, the process of fighting a baseless unfair dismissal claim can be devastating to the business and the business owner.  The time spent preparing a case, the stress involved in fighting it and the financial cost resulting from both of these often leave business owners with no other choice than to pay ‘go away’

30 Jul

You can’t see what you can’t see

A typical day for most SME business owners and CEO’s is in the trenches. We are managing and training people, winning customers, putting out fires, watching the dollars, having meetings, recruiting, networking and having more meetings. We are busy busy doing what we think is right to get the results we need. We understand the

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