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25 Jun

Step Outside Your Bubble

As I started packing my bag for #SHRM19 last night (SHRM is the largest Human Resource conference in the world) I had a moment of panic. My heart started racing. I can’t afford the time, there is too much happening, my task-list is a mile long…. I am the Chief Executive Officer of a Human

20 Jun

A Message to Managers!

Stop, connect, measure, communicate and align your team for the next period. We hit the middle of the year with a thud, and a scratch of the head that asks “where did the last 6 months go?”. We started the year fresh and filled with hope. Now we are starting to see the team lag

12 Jun

The Dynamic Duo: How Facilities Can Help HR Retain Top Talent

BY ZOE NORTH – Employee churn has a negative impact on the morale of remaining employees, kills productivity and is incredibly expensive. In fact, training a new employee can cost between 1% and 2.5% of a business’ total yearly revenue in recruiting and training. It’s no wonder employee retention is such a priority for businesses.

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