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4-day workweek 19 Feb

Should we move to a 4-day Workweek?

According to a global survey conducted by The Workforce Institute (Kronos Inc), nearly 45% of 3,000 employees interviewed said it would take less than five hours each day to do their job if uninterrupted! More interesting was that 72% would work four days or less per week if pay remained the constant. Three-quarters of workers

12 Feb

My Boss Stole My Boyfriend

My Boss Stole My Boyfriend! At this time of year we hear a lot about office romance and the familiar stats are rolled out about co-worker fraternisation (a recent study reported 41% of employees have had an intimate relationship with a colleague)! It seems only natural, when we spend so much time at work, that

Chinese New Year 06 Feb

The Year is Still New and Happy

Ok, so it’s the start of a fresh year. New Year Resolutions were set, promises to self were made, and now it’s time to come out swinging. It time to get on that tread mill and start the grind to shed those holiday ponds. It the first full week of February, kids are back at

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