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08 Apr

10 days leave for the price of 3!

One of the most common dilemmas we see small business owners face is the desire to provide their team with a great work life balance. However, this can result in the business struggling to keep moving forward when they are a person down. For some of our clients, one person makes up a third of

Delegate 25 Mar

Delegation is a Super Power

If you are in charge of life at home and you’re pulling off a career role, the superpower of delegation (which is often underestimated) is truly yours to own. Trying to pull off the daily feat of home life, school life, sports life, social life and career life is hard. I have often pulled a three-hour

Workplace culture 20 Mar

Culture should be your competitive advantage

The rapid rise of technology is changing the businesses landscape faster than ever. The way we communicate, the way we transact and the sheer abundance of readily available data is actually evening the playing field. Technology is lowering the barrier of entry and geographic boundaries have dissolved. The natural selection process is speeding up and

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