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23 Aug

Ignite Leadership Program

One of the most common pitfalls for organisations is the limited focus on developing their people managers.  So often, technically excellent staff members are promoted to management roles without being provided with the tools, resources and support to succeed within this new and often challenging position. ignite.leadership is a program designed around the practical resources

22 Aug

Am I “sick enough” to take sick leave?

I am writing this blog from the (relative) comfort of a chair on my balcony on my very own sick leave day. I injured my back and so rather than have to spend some of my work day laying on the floor of the office, whinging to my colleagues and generally having them feel sorry

11 Aug

Future HR Thoughts: The Irreplaceable Human Mind

Human Resources (HR) plays an important role in all successful organisations. Between rapid globalisation and the pace of growth among  global businesses ever increasing, it’s important to not just acknowledge the need for HR but to embrace it. The role of HR has been evolving since its inception. However today more so than ever, the

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