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27 Jul

The importance of Security & Cyber Insurance

It is no longer a question of IF your business will suffer a cyber-attack or data breach, but rather a question of WHEN. Cybercrime occurs daily in Australia, disabling businesses, compromising their systems and holding critical data to ransom. Cybercrime is disguised in many different forms, some of the more serious being ransomware through phishing

24 Jul

My first 2 months at wattsnext!

Before I joined wattsnext I worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years. I left school when I was 16 (couldn’t stand it) I believed I could learn more if I was out in the real world in a job learning new things that I wanted to learn…. definitely not algebra ha ha In mid

17 Jul

Women to receive an extra 2% in superannuation – Is this Good or Bad for the Gender balance?

Unions will likely campaign for women to receive an extra two per cent in superannuation contributions, and for the retirement age to return to 65, at this week’s ACTU Congressin Brisbane, Australia. It doesn’t take the greatest economists to tell us that wage disparity between the sexes and the common sociality requirement for women to temporarily

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