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22 Nov

If living company values comes easily they are the wrong values

We all know that company values are critical to any organisation committed to team alignment and engagement. They are put in place to guide internal behaviour and drive a successful culture. Over the last few years we have seen company values move from the traditional and predictable choices of honesty, integrity and customer service to a more trendy, casual feel like hustle, think big or fun.

06 Nov

Are you ready for a mentor?

Having had mentors all of my adult life I am a big advocate for building connections with people who are where you want to be, or have experience in the areas you need to learn more about. We regularly see blogs written about how to choose the best mentor, including what that mentor should offer

25 Oct

Why we should all be having meetings with ourselves

We have all had a lot of fun laughing at President Trump this week when he said he had a meeting with the ‘President of the Virgin Islands’, which is in fact himself. We all know that he wasn’t referring to having had a meeting with himself — he just got it wrong. However, I can

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