Increases to the National Minimum Wage

13 Jun

Increases to the National Minimum Wage

Effective 01 July 2017, the Fair Work Commission have decided to award a 3.3% increase in modern award minimum rates and the national minimum wage.

So what does this mean for your business?

Gemma Jamieson , HR Coordinator

Gemma brings enthusiasm and passion for the industry to wattsnext – having committed to gaining the knowledge and skills to allow her to be a versatile Human Resource practitioner by undertaking her University studies at QUT, an internship at Avenues Early Learning and a workplace learning unit at Sedgam, Gemma will support the team through her amazing administrative skills and general HR Support.

  • George C

    Wow! This is great news (and motivation) for all those young people still in High School, or their earlier years of Uni! Hopefully this will give those young ‘uns the kick to get a headstart on their career — even with something small on the side!

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