Just DE shackle yourself

26 Jul

Just DE shackle yourself

So as it turns out the last few weeks/months have turned out to be more of a self-development roller-coaster than originally thought. I have personally sold our house that I have been in for a majority of my life with my family and to top it off, we are about to start #ProjectFOW ….

For those who have not been following our journey, we at wattsnext are about to decentralise our workplace and work from multiple locations throughout Australia. This isn’t about working from home or just working from a shared office space, this is about a change in how we work.

Last week was the last time I went to work at our Coorparoo office and this week I venture into the unknown or the uncomfortable. Sure, we have an amazing office space in the city that we can use 24/7 however our lives will now become mobile. This is 2016!

Not only do I need to think about ‘how I work’ as I head up the national delivery team, I now also need to think about keeping our culture alive, ensuring collaboration still happens and more than anything ensure we are still getting results for our clients and the business.

So am I excited?  Hell YES! This is completely going to change the way that I have been operating for the past 20 years.

Am I worried/concerned/hesitant? Hell YES! This is completely going to change the way that I have been operating for the past 20 years!

I am a person who loves structure, who likes routine and would not be described as a risk taker. My ‘fun’ is spending time with my family or having a BBQ on the weekend and I have prided myself on my family, career and the success I have had thus far.

This week everything that I thought I knew will get turned on its head as I start to really understand how I tick. When am I most productive? How can I motivate my team when they are everywhere? How do I get the best results for the business?

First – I need to DE Shackle myself (as Sue-Ellen Watts pointed out to me). I need to not be bound by what I know or what I have learnt in the past 20 years. I need to think differently… and that is not as easy as you think (well for me anyway).  I need to take away the school yard fence and be free to just be!

20 years of working in the corporate world makes you think, act and be a certain way.
So when that needs to change and the way you work, lead and behave needs to change, it’s tough!

My focus for this week and next is “Just let it be and DE shackle”.

Amy Evans , National Head of Delivery

Amy has a unique blend of high level HR and Operational outcome focused experience. With over 15 years’ working across fast growth, evolving businesses like Mountain Designs, BCF and the Super Retail Group, her balanced business acumen is impressive. Amy is a natural leader and her complete business knowledge and strategic thinking ensures clients always get return on their people investment.

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