Leaving the nest

29 Jul

Leaving the nest

As wattsnext embark on their newest chapter – projectFOW, moving from our little nest in Coorparoo to a co-sharing workspace in Brisbane’s CBD, there are mixed emotions being felt throughout the team.
Some team members are excited about the opportunities that this will allow for, such as flexibility and increased productivity, whilst there are others who are somewhat more hesitant (this isn’t a bad thing – I am guilty of feeling this way somedays).
I think change sparks that inner character that wants to ask a million questions, like “how will this work?”, “what is the plan?”, “when will I see everyone?”, “will we all be together at any time during the week?”
I realise that we don’t always have the answers and that it is a part of the journey, but I just have to ask questions. I think I will just attribute this to my behavioural profile! And being a millennial doesn’t help this equation either…..

I think the one thing that will enable us to reap the benefits of #projectFOW is technology. It will play the biggest role in maintaining the wattsnext culture and allowing us to interact with each other almost simultaneously.

I think this is an exciting opportunity and should be viewed so. I am excited to be a part of the #projectFOW journey and cannot wait to see where it leads us.

Brittany Woodman , HR Administrator

Brittany is an expert on all things administration, and brings her passion to the wattsnext team. Britt thrives on providing high quality HR support to her clients as she continues to learn more about the world of HR. She has a positive attitude and a bubbly personality to compliment her willingness to learn. Britt is vital to delivering our client experience.

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