Pets at work policy

28 Apr

Pets at work policy

With announcements by UK company BrewDog that they are introducing Pawternity Leave, which allows their employees to take a paid week of leave to look after a new dog, it is easy to see that our pets are becoming an integral of not just our lives but our workplaces too! Many companies across the US and UK have had Pets at Work (PAW) policies for many years and this trend is growing and spreading further afield. It is no longer just pet associated brand like Purina that are allowing dogs in their offices, but magazine houses, accountancy firms and real estate agencies are all opening their doors to our furry friends.

 If you are looking to introduce a PAW Policy in your workplace I have compiled a list of some key considerations. In my opinion the positives far outweigh the negatives and I cannot wait until some four-legged colleagues join the wattsnext team in the near future!

Kateena Mills , HR Advisor

Kateena combines the skill and knowledge she has acquired through working both in Australia and overseas to make a meaningful contribution to an organisation and its HR function. She loves to assist companies in developing strong values and purpose and create amazing workplaces for their employees.

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