The sky didn’t fall in!

01 Aug

The sky didn’t fall in!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, by now you’ve probably heard about wattsnext‘s #projectFOW (Future of Work). If you do in fact live in a cave, get yourself a wi-fi router and turn it into a third space working location!

Last Monday was the day. Our first day out of the safe confines of our office, utilising a co-working space and a third space working mentality.
My big takeaway after day one? So much of it is mental. As I drove between two client sites, I slipped into auto-pilot and considered grabbing some sushi and dropping into the office to say g’day to the team while I ate my lunch. It took a real psychological adjustment to come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t simply retreat to base camp.

The crazy thing is that I’ve rarely spent more than half a day each week in our office over the last 12 months. We are a service business, and my role requires me to spend most of time on site with clients. But that massive purple-and-white-walled security blanket was always there. It was the constant.

So when we were due to assemble virtually for our weekly Sales Meeting on Monday afternoon, I found myself sitting in the car wondering where on earth I should drive to. I literally turned on the ignition and just started driving, until I happened across somewhere that filled my criteria:

– free wifi
– quiet place to sit
– ummm, that’s it!

We all logged in via a great video conferencing platform we are trialling, and actually had a really enjoyable virtual get-together! The technology held up and the conversation wasn’t too clunky, despite the fact we were dialling in from six different locations. We all started to make subtle adjustments to make sure we weren’t interrupting each other, and found ourselves having a perfectly functional meeting. As someone who enjoys the dynamic of being in the room with people, I actually thought it was great.

And that was that. That one successful virtual interaction made me feel so much more at ease about how this will all work. There’s a lot of small things we need to figure out as we go, but I’ve definitely seen enough to know that we don’t need to fear the process. That, along with the opportunity to play with cool technology, has really added a sense of excitement to the whole “experiment”.

Stay tuned – there’s lots of interesting learnings to come!

Steven Ford , HR Strategist

Steven brings over a decade of high level HR problem solving and cutting edge forward thinking to the team. Naturally curious with a unique blend of empathy and commerciality, Steven’s passion toward people and performance is unrivalled. Thirsty for knowledge and a natural teacher, this is the perfect recipe for commercial client outcomes. Stevens corporate and not-for-profit experience coupled with his grasp of social media platforms and the emerging communication economy propels wattsnext’ capability.

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