Rockstar HR for the modern business owner

At wattsnext we work hard and fast to shape great workplaces in Australia and beyond.

Flashback to 10 years ago, wattsnext was born from a burning mission to raise the bar when it comes to the way HR is done across the world.

Founder Sue-Ellen Watts has always been a future thinker. When wattsnext launched more than a decade ago, she wanted to see HR evolve from the “personnel department”, largely focusing on policies, procedures, rules and boundaries. Sue Ellen knew then that something had to dramatically change so that HR became more than this.

Everyone at wattsnext believes that while start-ups and SME’s don’t need an internal HR person, as a leader your staff do need HR expertise to truly succeed and remain 100% relevant.  That is where we come in.

Our wattsnext team all work for an SME too so we understand your specific needs, your dreams and your challenges.  We have been through every people-related issue that you are going through.  We want to share our expertise but also our personal experience on how to build an engaged team that delivers for your business, and trust that some of the wattsnext magic dust will rub off.

The heart of our business approach is explained best in the wattsnext mission. What is that, you ask? Simple. To create great workplaces, because we believe:

  • people are happier and contribute more to their families, communities and cities if they operate within great workplaces
  • workplaces differ in their forms of being great – so defining that is an ongoing process
  • in the positive ripple effect that people employed in great workplaces can have on the world
  • the more great workplaces we can create through our HR experiences, the bigger impact we can have
  • in every business having the power contribution to shape the world into a smarter, more joyful, more inclusive, and more diverse place for everyone to thrive.

Ultimately, wattsnext works with clients keen on leaving the world better than when we all arrived! Who isn’t excited about that?

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