Author: Wattsnext Team

14 Mar

Stay calm and wash your hands

Some workplace tips & tricks to help deal with COVID-19 (coronavirus) while remaining grounded. It is easy to get carried away   Download our guide Responding to COVID-19   What COVID-19 is? Media coverage has been far and wide, but if you are still unsure COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus,

08 Aug

The Impact of Overwork

Written by Jay Stephens – Bill Butler You should never take being overworked for granted. Head and backache, constant tiredness, the inability to focus for extended periods, feeling overwhelming, insomnia and emotional exhaustion are all key warning signs of impending burnout. How many of these are you experiencing right now? Burnout is a big issue in Australian workplaces.

01 Aug

16 experts spill the beans on internal communication (SMARP ft. Ben)

CEO of wattsnext, Ben Watts was recently featured in an article by SMARP. The article asks 16 internal communication influencers for their opinion of what internal communication means to them. To see what the experts had to say look at the video below and check out the full article at; #HRfortheModernWorld

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