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22 May

How to Convince Your Boss to Help You Grow Your Career

wattsnext founder Sue-Ellen Watts (Sel) was featured in a recent article by The Uncommon League. In the article titled ‘How to Convince Your Boss to Help You Grow Your Career’ Sel talks about her experiences with dealing with tough feedback from mentors. To read the full article, please head over to The Uncommon League.

22 Jan

How to Launch Flexible Working In Your Office

How to Launch Flexible Working In Your Office BY DAVID SPENCE – For many employees, the ability to dictate their own hours is a much sought-after company perk. The traditional Monday to Friday, 9-to-5 work week is fine for some, and in several industries it is an understandable non-negotiable. However, more and more, employees are

22 Nov

Cy Wakeman ft. Sue-Ellen Watts – No Ego

No Ego The amazing Cy Wakeman welcomes wattsnext founder Sue-Ellen Watts on her No Ego podcast. Join Cy and Sel on the No Ego podcast below:   What is no ego? No Ego, hosted by thought leader Cy Wakeman, will give you the tools you need as a leader to to ditch the drama, end entitlement, and

20 Nov

Keynote Speaker | Sel Watts

A little about our founder and keynote speaker, Sue-Ellen Watts aka Sel Watts   Sel Watts is known for her success building an Australia born consulting firm helping small to medium businesses and fast growth startups create high performance from the top down. Her expertise is dealing with Founders and entrepreneurs because she is one;

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