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25 Jun

Instant Asset Write-Off: How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Original blog by our friends at Aliva – Check it out here The 2019 Federal Budget ushered in several benefits for small to medium businesses, one of which was an extension to the instant asset write-off initiative until June 30, 2020. Haven’t heard of the scheme? You’re not alone – research conducted by American

12 Jun

The Dynamic Duo: How Facilities Can Help HR Retain Top Talent

BY ZOE NORTH – Employee churn has a negative impact on the morale of remaining employees, kills productivity and is incredibly expensive. In fact, training a new employee can cost between 1% and 2.5% of a business’ total yearly revenue in recruiting and training. It’s no wonder employee retention is such a priority for businesses.

22 May

How to Convince Your Boss to Help You Grow Your Career

wattsnext founder Sue-Ellen Watts (Sel) was featured in a recent article by The Uncommon League. In the article titled ‘How to Convince Your Boss to Help You Grow Your Career’ Sel talks about her experiences with dealing with tough feedback from mentors. To read the full article, please head over to The Uncommon League.

Flexible Working 22 Jan

How to Launch Flexible Working In Your Office

How to Launch Flexible Working In Your Office BY DAVID SPENCE – For many employees, the ability to dictate their own hours is a much sought-after company perk. The traditional Monday to Friday, 9-to-5 work week is fine for some, and in several industries it is an understandable non-negotiable. However, more and more, employees are

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