Author: Ben Watts

05 Feb

Is Off Boarding a Massive Waste of Time?

It is very well known that staff onboarding is one of the most important parts of the employee experience and recruitment process. However, as much as the welcoming of new employees is very important, there is an area which is always forgotten, but equally important. It is called the employee exit process or off boarding. When looking at the

09 Dec

How to get your Mojo Back!

I am tired of hearing ‘experts’ talk about the ideal day, week and month. The importance of work-life balance, exercise, community and family. We work too many hours, we are always connected, my boss pushes me too hard, the shareholders want more, the expectations are too high. The dreaded answer to how are you? Defaults

12 Sep

Mental Health challenges don’t discriminate

The suicide prevention charity RUOK Day gets the conversation started about Mental Health and that can save lives. At wattsnext we see how common mental health challenge are in the workplace every-day. These silent battles are playing out in the people around us on a daily basis and we must not ignore it. The roller

25 Jul

Culture is a chocolate covered ice cream

Intrinsically we know what workplace culture is…………don’t we? The character or personality of an organisation? An excitement, a feeling, a vibe or an energy people want to be around? Enthusiasm, efficiency and fun? Workplace culture is a complicated and vastly underrated business differentiator. Everyone wants a good one We hate bad ones Business owners sometimes

SHRM 25 Jun

Step Outside Your Bubble

This blog was written by wattsnext’s CEO Ben Watts as part of the #SHRMBloggers team for the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. To see the original article click here. As I started packing my bag for #SHRM19 last night (SHRM is the largest Human Resource conference in the world) I had a moment of panic.

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