Author: Ben Watts

26 Nov

Digital footprint | What’s yours and why does it matter?

300,000+ digital footprint and growing. The wattsnext team collectively now has a digital footprint of 300,000+ across twitter and Linkedin alone. This doesn’t come easily, and the wattsnext team are continually working on further building this network. With so much effort going into developing this network, it goes without saying that we believe your digital

07 Nov

My hot tip for growing your business

Drum role please…………….. Recruitment campaigns should start in November! Yes, November. Before Christmas celebrations kick off and that last minute scramble to hit your yearly targets…..Campaigning needs to start right now! I know it feels uncomfortable, you are on the home stretch. You can hear the carols and smell the glazed Xmas ham’s roasting. Why would

05 Sep

Why Does Recruitment Pi$$ Off Business Owners & CEO’s?

It is the one business function that polarizes the global business world. Everyone, me included, has a spine tingling horror story involving recruitment. What is the best approach? As HR consultants, we have surveyed our clients and networks over the past decade. Business owners and CEO’s always share what they dislike the most about recruitment. The

20 Jun

Is managing humans a craft?

My family and I have chosen to live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, and I commute about 1.5 hours to our office in Brisbane. I have been doing this for about 12 months and like to utilise the drive time as part of my working day. I use the time to make calls,

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