Author: Gemma Jamieson

04 Jun

The cost of doing business: Unfair Dismissal v Adverse Action

Managing a team is no easy task. The employee lifecycle is one full of ups and downs. One of the greatest ‘downs’ is termination.  As a business owner, it is almost inevitable that at some point in time, you will be required to terminate one of your staff members. The termination process can be stressful and

08 Apr

10 days leave for the price of 3!

One of the most common dilemmas we see small business owners face is the desire to provide their team with a great work life balance. However, this can result in the business struggling to keep moving forward when they are a person down. For some of our clients, one person makes up a third of

04 Oct

Sexual Harassment – Are you contributing to the statistics?

After reading this blog, try reading Where is my people problem?? Check out all our blogs here. After recently attending a HR seminar that spoke about sexual harassment in the workplace, I left  pleasantly surprised. To better protect the workforce, sexual harassment legislation changes are likely to come into play. These changes are a result

13 Aug

Will you be the next big payroll scandal?

Cosmetic company Lush has apologised for underpaying its staff $2million over an 8-year period. The company recently announced that it had reported itself to the Fair Work Ombudsmen after identifying that it had underpaid more than 5000 staff following the discovery of a “significant payroll error”. It has been identified that in some cases, some

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