Author: Katie Hamilton

05 Mar

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Office Romances and Love Contracts Explained

For decades we have been fed a steady diet of happily-ever-after office romances through our favourite television shows and blockbuster films, but in reality getting involved with a colleague does not always end well. Successful and soured relationships between co-workers have claimed the careers of men and women everywhere. Even Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister is not

20 Feb

Should all businesses be implementing a #bonkban?

It’s hard to escape it – the Barnaby saga that is. So as you listen to Turnbull’s delivery of the #bonkban, address, I’m sure you’re wondering if you should be rushing to do the same in your organisation. Whilst there is a much higher scrutiny on ensuring employers have protections in place for employees, referencing

23 Jul

Stop leading on your poor performers

If your read my blogs, you might notice that there’s a bit of a theme happening here of me going on a bit of a rampage against managers not stepping up (yes, this is an extension to my last blog about being “too nice” as a leader ). I have had a few experiences of late,

11 Jul

Why are you keeping your team off social media?

How often do we hear that HR don’t get a seat at the table, or that they aren’t seen as adding value at an executive level? Whilst this argument was a lot more prevalent a few years ago, the topic of conversation is still around today. As I was sitting at the SHRM17 pre-conference session

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