Author: Katie Hamilton

20 Sep

​Be a better leader – quit being too nice

I recently met a leadership coach who described being “too nice” as a terrible disease in business that we have an obligation to cure. Now while I personally think the analogy is a bit extreme, I do agree with the sentiment in the importance of being upfront and honest. This is something that doesn’t come

09 Aug

Lessons learnt in HR while volunteering to feed the homeless

I recently volunteered with an organisation to help prepare, cook and feed a local homeless community within the vicinity of our Sydney office. Now I’m no martyr and don’t expect any praise, after all, three hours out of my week is nothing compared to so many others. It certainly was an interesting experience, and as

29 Jun

Throw out your feedback sandwich – it’s mouldy

If you’ve read any management books or articles you would have encountered the tool of the “feedback sandwich”. You know, “sandwich” some bad feedback with two pieces of positive feedback. The next time you think about using it… STOP. That sandwich? It’s mouldy… no one wants it, there’s a much more fresh approach that you

01 Apr

Try before you buy (and sell!)

Have you ever engaged a consultant that is telling you what you need to do without having done it themselves? Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of theories and methodologies out there that are tried and tested (and I’m not saying don’t work).  But have they ever lay awake at night thinking about

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