Author: Katie Hamilton

01 Apr

Employee development – manager or employee responsibility?

One of the most common attributes of a great workplace is the opportunity for employees to access and engage in training and development. Almost every engagement survey we conduct, employees deliver a wish list when asked what further training and development opportunities would they like to engage in. It’s the general understanding now that training

01 Apr

Are incentive schemes worth your money?

“I want to implement an incentive scheme so my underperforming employees start hitting their targets.” “You want to do what!?” I cried in despair! I absolutely see the merit in employee incentive (or bonus schemes) because when done right, for the right roles and the right people, there are a lot of business and individual

01 Apr

Farewell permanent office layouts, hello virtual teams!

Do you remember when working from nine-to-five was the norm? What about the aspirations of having the corner office with a view (maybe even just an office at all)? It’s hard to imagine that it’s not going to be long before what we now know as a “traditional office space” will be a distant memory,

01 Apr

Do you know what will help you stay sane?

We are taught a lot about why providing constructive feedback to employees is important, it helps with their development, usually their job satisfaction and can help you build trust to delegate more (so you can focus on the key areas within your role). But I want to share a different reason which I think a

01 Apr

Performance Ecosystems – How to create the best

I had a new client come to me recently because they needed help. They had a strong vision, a great team and one of the most important things in the work that I do – a genuine desire to create a great workplace. They had a lot of initiatives in place but something just wasn’t

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