Author: Matthew Stent

09 Sep

Is an Owner or Director considered an employee?

It is essential to understand where an Owner or Director sits with regards to head count, prior to certain action being taken by the business. A “Small Business Employer” is defined in the Fair Work Act as an employer with fewer than 15 employees, and has access to a number of concessions in relation to

20 Jun

A Message to Managers!

Stop, connect, measure, communicate and align your team for the next period. We hit the middle of the year with a thud, and a scratch of the head that asks “where did the last 6 months go?”. We started the year fresh and filled with hope. Now we are starting to see the team lag

05 Mar

How can the Employee Experience be used to get better organizational results for SME businesses in Australia?

Survey Time! Take our survey The experience Within leadership and human resources areas there has been a growing trend to reverse engineer the previously defined areas of customer experience (CX) used widely by predominantly service industries, and user experience (UX) from the information technology worlds and applying these towards the employee lifecycle. Employee Experience (EX)

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