Author: Megan Hunter

15 Oct

Tune-Up Tuesday!

wattsnext has recently introduced a new webinar series called “Tune-Up Tuesday”. Created by our founder, Sue-Ellen (Sel) Watts. The idea around the series is to cover realistic topics, that can assist you or your co-workers, in running a smoother, stress free workday. Which in theory will create a smoother, stress free LIFE! Over her working

20 Aug

Getting The Perfect Work-Life Balance

I recently read an extremely interesting article about work-life balance burnouts. Majority of us (whether in a couple, with kids, in a share house or at home with your parents) struggle with a healthy balance of work-life balance. With this being a continual topic of conversion, I set out to on a quest to find

Friday Rituals 22 Jul

Why Friday Afternoon Rituals are SOOOO Important

To put it plainly, the only thing on everyone’s minds on a Friday arvo is the WEEKEND. As a business owner, it is fantastic for morale to treat your team to a Friday team lunch or knock off beers. However, sometimes we don’t have the capacity, time or money to do this weekly. So, what

14 May

Entering the Workforce

No matter where you are in your career, everyone remembers the daunting and nerve-wracking first day of a job. For myself, my first day into the big world of work was quite recent. MY FIRST DAY ENTERING INTO THE WORKFORCE…. Although my first day was as daunting as ever, it was surprisingly a breeze. I

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