Author: Michelle Henry

20 Dec

Merry Christmas from the wattsnext team!

On behalf of the wattsnext team we would love to wish our friends, supporters and clients a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and prosperous New Year! We look forward to speaking with you all in 2018! Here’s a special Christmas video just for you from our CEO and Founder, Sue-Ellen Watts.

23 Aug

Ignite Leadership Program

One of the most common pitfalls for organisations is the limited focus on developing their people managers.  So often, technically excellent staff members are promoted to management roles without being provided with the tools, resources and support to succeed within this new and often challenging position. ignite.leadership is a program designed around the practical resources

10 Jul

Playing the biggest game of your life

Did you ever have that feeling that you were made for something bigger but you just couldn’t quite work out what it was?  And even though you heard that voice deep within you silently steering you in the right direction you shut it down before it got too loud or had others shut it down

11 Apr

Domestic violence…why I’m running for my life

What do you do when a friend suggests that women that get stuck in domestic violence situations should know better?  That the issue was theirs because the warning signs were there, yet they chose to stay? This happened to me a couple of months back and as someone who has continually witnessed and has been

07 Jan

Quit the generational BS!

This blog may not be well received. Many people may disagree, some may think I’m entirely missing the point, but I’m sick of hearing about millennials, baby boomers and any other generational label people are sticking on me, my colleagues and my friends. ​If I was the sort of person who loved wearing labels you would

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