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15 Oct

Tune-Up Tuesday!

wattsnext has recently introduced a new webinar series called “Tune-Up Tuesday”. Created by our founder, Sue-Ellen (Sel) Watts. The idea around the series is to cover realistic topics, that can assist you or your co-workers, in running a smoother, stress free workday. Which in theory will create a smoother, stress free LIFE! Over her working

08 Oct

How to do the easiest performance review ever!

Here is the inside scoop for doing the easiest set of performance reviews you have ever done. Listen up, it’s going to go quick and it very much reflects the K.I.S.S. theory. Steps to creating your own easy, no fuss performance review: Get a sheet of paper. Draw three columns evenly across the page. Add

23 Sep

The Difference Between NES, EA and Modern Awards

Formalising an employment relationship can seem daunting, especially when we hear words being thrown around like ‘National Employment Standards’, ‘Modern Awards’ and ‘Enterprise Agreements’. Most business owners are aware that they need to have an Employment Contract in place. However, not everyone is aware of how their employment contracts should relate to these Agreements/Standards; and further,

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