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23 Sep

The Difference Between NES, EA and Modern Awards

Formalising an employment relationship can seem daunting, especially when we hear words being thrown around like ‘National Employment Standards’, ‘Modern Awards’ and ‘Enterprise Agreements’. Most business owners are aware that they need to have an Employment Contract in place. However, not everyone is aware of how their employment contracts should relate to these Agreements/Standards; and further,

17 Sep

Unfair Dismissal Laws Are Changing

As a business owner we wear many hats.  We’re the CEOs, the Marketing GMs, the CFOs, the COOs, the Head of HR, the head BDM and the list goes on. Typically, we start out in business because we have a good idea, or we are good at what we do. We can’t be experts in everything

12 Sep

Mental Health challenges don’t discriminate

The suicide prevention charity RUOK Day gets the conversation started about Mental Health and that can save lives. At wattsnext we see how common mental health challenge are in the workplace every-day. These silent battles are playing out in the people around us on a daily basis and we must not ignore it. The roller

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